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compound paracetmol and Amantadine Hydrochloride Capsules
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Name: compound paracetmol and Amantadine Hydrochloride Capsules

[ Ingredient ] each grain contains to the acetyl amino-phenol 250 milligram, the hydrochloric acid Jin¡¯gang alkylamine 100 milligram, the maleic acid chlorobenzene that is sensitive 2 milligram, the artificial bezoar 10 milligram, the caffeine 15 milligrams. The supplementary material includes: Starch, micrite cellulose, purification water.

[ Character ] this is the gelatine capsule, inside dissolve content is the faint yellow small pill.
[ Function category ] this for cold used drug class non- prescription drug drugs.

[ Pharmacological action ] can suppress the prostaglandin synthesis to the acetyl amino-phenol, has allays a fever the analgesia function; The Jin¡¯gang alkylamine may anti- "an Asian armor" flu virus, be possible to suppress the viral reproduction; The coffee because of the main center excitants, can strengthen to the acetyl amino-phenol allays a fever the analgesic effect, and can reduce other medicines to be the result of is addicted to rests, main center inhibitory action and so on dizziness; The maleic acid chlorobenzene that sensitively for the anti- allergic medicine, can reduce flows the tears, the stuffy nose, sneezes and so on the symptom; The artificial bezoar has allays a fever, overcomes one¡¯s fears the function. The above various medicines blend make the compound prescription, may strengthen allays a fever, the analgesic effect, relieves or the improvement cold is the result of each kind of symptom.

[ Indication ] uses in alleviating the ordinary cold or the flu causes gives off heat, symptom and so on headache, stuffy nose, pharyngalgia, also may use in the flu prevention and the treatment. [ Usage amount used ] takes orally. The treatment uses, an adult 1 grain, on first 2. The prevention uses, like closely contacts after cold patient, 1 grain, continues to take every day does not surpass 10 day.

[ Taboo ] to this ingredient allergy, the activity digestibility ulcer patient is durable.

[ Matters needing attention ] 1.used drug for 3-7 day, the symptom does not alleviate, please consult doctor or the pharmacist.

2.Is durable to this ingredient allergy.

3.Driving machine, the vehicle, the ship, are engaged in the work high above the ground, mechanical work work period is durable.

4.The child amount used please consult doctor or the pharmacist.

5.Takes this period forbids to drink wine.

6.The hepatorenal function not entire cautious uses.

7.The pregnant woman and the breast-feeding period woman cautious uses.

8.When this character has the change is durable.

9.Like takes excessive or occurs seriously not good responded when should go see a doctor immediately.

10.The child must use under the adult guardianship.

11.Please places this drugs the place which the child cannot contact.

[ Medicine affects  mutually ] 1.This should not and includes the ethyl alcohol the drink, Barbitone kind, the benzene proper England sodium and the chloromycetin with the clothing; 2.Takes for a long time this or allays a fever the analgesic with other to have the increase kidney toxicity danger of with the clothing; 3.Like is taking other drugs, uses this front please consults doctor or the pharmacist.

[ Not good responded ] the partner sees the white blood cell or the blood platelet reduces, losses of appetite, is disgusting, vomits, the skin rash and so on not good responded.

[ Specification ] compound prescription. Each grain contains to the acetyl amino-phenol 0.25 gram, the hydrochloric acid Jin¡¯gang alkylamine 0.1 gram.

[ Stores ] seals, sets at cool dry place.

[ Packing ] the aluminum models the passette 8 grain of ¡Á1 boards, 10 grain of ¡Á1 boards, 12 grain of ¡Á1 boards

[ term of validity ] three years

[ authorized document number ] country medicine accurate character H12020669

[ production enterprise ]

Business name: Tianjin healthily lives the drugs manufacture limited

company address: Tianjin Baodi area Wangbuzhuang town economic development zone

zip code: 301,805

telephone numbers: 022-82459488

facsimile number: 022-82459450

website: Http://Www.Bayee.Com.Cn/

if has the question to be possible and the production enterprise direct relation.

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