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cefadroxil capsules
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Name: cefadroxil capsules

This essential component is the Cefadroxil, its chemistry named (6R,7R) -3- methyl -7- [ (R) -2- amino -2- (4- hydroxyl benzyl) acetyl amino ] -8- oxo -5- thia- -1- nitrogen mixed Shuanghuan [ 4.2.0 ] Xin -2- alkene -2- formic acid sulfuric monohydrate.

Molecular formula: C16H17N3O5S H2O

molecular weight: 381.41

[ Character ] this is the capsule.

[ Pharmacology toxicology ]

1. pharmacology.  Cefadroxil  is oral cefafungi for the first generation, the staphylcoccus of produced penicillinase and non-produced penicillinase, the coagulation enzyme negative staphylococcus, pneumonia chain coccus, A group of hematolysis chain coccus and so on the majority of strains has the good antibacterial function. Hopes the fungus, the strange bacillus proteus, the monk bacteria, the will to large intestine Egypt celebrates the bacteria, flu bloodthirsty bacillus and the gonococcus also has the certainly antibacterial activeness. Armor oxygen Xilin bears the medicine staphylococcus, the intestines coccus, indole masculine distortion intestines bacteriaceae bacterium, the verdigris pseudomonad and so on pole bacteria, intestines pole bacteria, sand thunder bacteria is and frailly draws up the bacillus and so on to this to bear the medicine.

2.The toxicology : Cefadroxil is the low poison.  for newborn big mouse 12,600 milligrams/kilogram high dosage,they still had the death; The dog takes orally this 600 milligrams/kilograms every day, the big mouse takes orally this 1,000 milligrams/kilograms every day, 6 months continuously, have not toxic response to each organization organ.

[ A medicine generation of dynamics ] this absorption is good, the empty stomach takes orally 0.5 grams latter 16 milligram/litre blood medicines peak density (Cmax) Yu Geiyao the latter 1.5 hours to arrive. Still permissible obtains micro for the medicine latter 12 hours, the blood elimination half-life (t1/2) is 1.27 ~ 1.5 hours. Food does not have the obvious influence to the blood medicine peak density and t1/2. Cefadroxil pulls from the gastro-intestinal tract absorption cefalexin and cephradine slowly, but maintains the blood medicine density compares latter two is lasting. This protein union rate is 20

This in vivo distribution is widespread, takes orally the 1.0g latter 2 ~ 5 hours, the phlegm, chest Shui Hefei organizes the density respectively is 1.3 milligrams/litres, 11.4 milligrams/litres, 7.4 milligrams/litres (milligram/kilogram); In the skeleton, the muscle and the bursa saccus lacrimalis fluid medicine density respectively is the same time blood medicine density 23. The density compares the blood medicine density is low. This may enter the placenta, also may enter the milk. 24 hours accumulation platoons deliver the dose 86

[ Indication ] it is suitable the urine road infection, the skin soft tissue infection as well as the acute amygdalitis, the acute pharyngitis, tympanitis and the lungs infection which is the result of in the sensitive bacterium and so on. This for takes orally the preparation, not suitably uses in heavy disease infecting.

 [ Usage amount used ] adult therapeutic dose: Takes orally, 0.5 ~ 1.0 grams, on first 2. Child therapeutic dose: A time according to body weight 15 ~ 20 milligrams/kilograms, on first 2. A group of hematolysis chain coccus pharyngitis and amygdalitis every 12 hours 15 milligram/kilograms, treatment course at least 10 days; The adult kidney function decrease dosage is 1 gram saturation capacity for the first time, then lengthens according to the kidney function decrease degree for the medicine between the time. The myo- bitter wine percentage clearance is 25 ~ 50 milliliters/Minute, 10 ~ 25 milliliters/Minute and 0 ~ 10 milliliters/When minute, distinguishes every 12 hour, 24 hour and 36 hours takes medicine 500 milligrams.

[ Not good responded ] this not good responded the formation rate is approximately 5.  Also may appear the urea nitrogen, the blood serum amino shift enzyme, the blood serum alkalinity phosphatase one has elevated.

[ Taboo ] to has cephalosporin class drug allergy shi Zhe and has penicillin allergic shock shi Zhehuo instantly to respond the history is durable.

[ Matters needing attention ]

1. In applies this front must in detail inquire the patient to the cephalosporin class, the penicillin class and other drug allergy histories, has the penicillin class medicine allergic shock history not to be possible to apply this, other patients apply this when must pay attention to the cephalosporin class to have 5 approximately with the penicillin class existence overlapping allergic reaction opportunity

2. has the gastro-intestinal tract illness medical history the patient, has ulcer colitis, the regional enteritis or the antibiotics relevant colitis especially (cephalosporin very little produces false membranous enteritis) as well as cautious has the kidney function decrease to use this.

3. should have a specific use when the spore hydroxylamin animal pen may appear the direct Coombs experiment positive reaction and urinate sugar the vacation positive reaction (cupric sulfate law); The minority patient¡¯s alkalinity phosphatase, the blood serum alanin shift enzyme, the asparagus amino acid shift enzyme and the alkalinity phosphatase may have short to elevate.

4. Cefadroxil mainly discharges after the kidney, the kidney function decrease patient applies this must the suitable decrement.

5. takes orally every day when the dosage surpasses 4 grams, should consider changes the injection to use the cephalosporin class medicine.

[ Pregnant woman and breast-feeding period woman who use drug ] the pregnant woman who use drug must have the accurate indication. This also may enter the milk, although still did not have the breast-feeding period woman to have the question report until now using the cephalosporin class, after but still had to weigh the advantages and disadvantages applies

[ Medicine affects the third sulphur to extend mutually ] may enhance this blood medicine density, delays the kidney excretion.

[ Specification ] according to C16H17N3O5S computation: 0.25 gram

[ store ] shields light, seal, in cool hidden place preservation.

[ Term of validity ] three years

[ packing ] the aluminum models the passette 12 grain of ¡Á1 boards, 10 grain of ¡Á1 boards, 4 grain of ¡Á1 boards

[ authorized document number ] country medicine accurate character H12020268

[ Production enterprise ] Tianjin healthily lives the drugs manufacture limited company

business name: Tianjin healthily lives the drugs manufacture limited

company address: Tianjin Baodi area Wangbuzhuang town economic development zone

 zip code: 301,805

telephones: 022-84259488

facsimile: 022-82459450

website: Http://Www.Bayee.Com.Cn/

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