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Hainan Gensam Product
     Gensam is a modernized pharmaceutical company engaged in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of medicines. It comprises Shanghai Bayee Pharmaceuticals and Science Co. Ltd.Tianjin Gensam Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Co. Ltd.Hainan Gensam Pharmacy Trading co. Ltd.

  • March 2000 Shanghai Bayee Pharmaceuticals and Science Co. Ltd was founded
  • March 2002, Bayee acquired Tianjin Gensam pharmaceuticals manufacturing co. ltd. and began to manufacture western medicine, as alternative to traditional Chinese medicine.
  • October 2005, Cooperated with Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd to establish a joint enterprise Hainan Gensam Pharmacy Trading Co. Ltd. which primarily focus on acting and marketing products of Hisun.
  • The Tianjin Gensam pharmaceuticals manufacturing co. ltd. is located in Baodi district, Tianjin. It was established in 1988 and purchased by Shanghai Bayee Pharmaceuticals and Science Co. Ltd£¬focusing on the production of Compound Paracetamol and Amantadine Hydrochloride apsules¡¢Cefadroxil apsules¡¢Paracetamol ablets¡¢Azithromycin Dispersible Tablets
  • Hainan Gensam Pharmacy Trading Co. ltd. which Zhejiang Hisun pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd hold 35 percent shares, is subsidiary to sales department responsible for the domestic marketing and sales of Hisun¡¯s two products: Famciclovir Tablets and Loxapine Succinate Capsules Our company absorbs modernized management concepts and perspective¡£ Both marketing and financial management use Yonyou ERP-U8v10.1 to substantialize the synchronization of information among three major logistics quarters, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hainan and more than 20 offices national- wide.
  • Company mission

         Dedicate to the improvement of human health and advancement of life quality.

    Corporate Values

    1. Establish mutual trust and confidence on the foundation of fairness and integrity.
    2. Build our company team with love, honesty, humbleness, respect and endurance for individuals.Obtain health, peace and happiness from valuable service and commitment to our customers and community.
    3. Obligated to the quality and promises of our service and product, as well as family responsibilities.Value the power of action.
    4. Stay close to the market.Face challenges with undaunted spirit.Do everything from the heart£¬Seek longevity and sustainability with solidity and financial awareness.
    5. Continuously pursue innovation and perfection.

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